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What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® braces are a series of clear, removable aligners which are changed every week or so. The Invisalign® clear aligners are programmed to move your teeth to a planned final result which you can approve in advance of your treatment

Traditional braces are made using metal, plastic or ceramic brackets, fixed in place with wires or ‘train tracks’. While these conventional braces are clinically proven to deliver very effective results, they can be obvious and a little unsightly. The solution can be found in the form of Invisalign clear aligners. Since the aligners are transparent, they are barely visible and will fit perfectly to your teeth. With Invisalign’s treatment modality you will achieve a beautiful smile, as with conventional braces, but without compromising your appearance during the treatment.

Unlike traditional braces, with Invisalign there is no tightening to be done – no changing of wires and no elastic bands to get in the way. This means that the Invisalign system is also more comfortable than conventional braces.

Why choose us, for Invisalign® braces, Northampton?

Here at Priors Hall Dental, we are proud to be Diamond Invisalign providers – the highest accreditation in Invisalign braces. Attaining the Diamond status shows that we are very experienced in the process of providing Invisalign clear aligners. As we hold the top Invisalign accolade, we are considered amongst the very best providers. Our patients can be certain that they are in safe and reliable hands, when they come to us for Invisalign braces.

If you’re looking for a professional and experienced treatment with Invisalign, Northampton, then choosing us – a Diamond Invisalign provider – means that you won’t be disappointed.

What does Invisalign® involve?

Initially, we have to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and your oral health is stable. We then start by doing some diagnostics and taking some detailed measurements of your mouth to help plan your ideal smile. Invisalign incorporates the latest technologies to provide you with a more accurate and comfortable experience. Rather than taking a mouthful of messy impressions, we use a 3D scanner to reproduce your current smile in digital form and we will also take photographs.

Next, we create an ideal smile for you and demonstrate this via a simulation of how your teeth will be moved. At this step, we will make you aware of the number of aligners required. We will also advise if any teeth need to be adjusted to help with movement and to create space, and show you where your attachments will go. Attachments are small white fillings that are added to specific teeth that engage with the Invisalign clear aligners. These aid accurate tooth movement which is what makes the Invisalign system so successful.

We will book you in at regular intervals throughout your Invisalign treatment to ensure your teeth are moving in the right direction. Once we have reached the final aligner and we are happy with the result, we will polish your teeth to remove the attachments and rescan your final smile. This 3D scan will be used to create a retainer. A retainer is similar to your Invisalign clear aligners but more hard-wearing. It is strongly advised to be worn at night, whilst sleeping, thereafter to help you retain and protect your new smile.

How long does Invisalign® take?

The time needed for Invisalign® braces will depend on how much we need to move your teeth. This means that the cost will also vary from patient to patient, as some people will need many more aligners and others will require just a few. On average we find active Invisalign treatment takes around 25 weeks, although we have completed smile transformations in as little as 11 weeks.

Am I suitable for Invisalign® treatment?

All the dentists at Priors Hall Dental are happy to arrange a virtual consultation for you to discuss your concerns and what you’d like for us to achieve.

Following this, we would recommend a comprehensive assessment face to face with us, where we will be able to take a scan and show you how Invisalign® works and how it may align with your goals. In the meantime, you can use the following link to the Invisalign® smile viewer app to give you an idea of how this discreet and innovative system may improve your smile:

Try Smile View

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